Monday, April 26, 2010

Ted Turner's New 10 Commandments to be Enforced by UN - Takes Place of 10 Commandments

Gary DeMar
April 26, 2010

Ted Turner does not like the Ten Commandments. Turner, founder of CNN, had this to say about the Decalogue when he addressed the National Press Association in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1988: “We’re living with outmoded rules. The rules we’re living under [are] the Ten Commandments, and I bet nobody here even pays much attention to ’em, because they are too old. When Moses went up on the mountain, there were no nuclear weapons, there was no poverty. Today, the Ten Commandments wouldn’t go over. Nobody around likes to be commanded.” Do you think Turner is familiar with the Ten Commandments, including the prohibitions against murder (sixth) and stealing (eighth)? Turner’s dismissal of the Ten Commandments led him to develop his own set of “new” commandments that he calls “Voluntary Initiatives”:

1.  I promise to have love and respect for the planet earth and living things thereon, especially my fellow species—humankind.

2.  I promise to treat all persons everywhere with dignity, respect, and friendliness.

3.  I promise to have no more than two children, or no more than my nation suggests.

4.  I promise to use my best efforts to save what is left of our natural world in its untouched state and to restore damaged or destroyed areas where practical.

5.  I pledge to use as little nonrenewable resources as possible.

6.  I pledge to use as little toxic chemicals, pesticides, and other poisons as possible and to work for their reduction by others.

7.  I promise to contribute to those less fortunate than myself, to help them become self-sufficient and enjoy the benefits of a decent life, including clean air and water, adequate food and health care, housing, education, and individual rights.

8.  I reject the use of force, in particular military force, and back United Nations arbitration of international disputes.

9.  I support the total elimination of all nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons of mass destruction.

10.  I support the United Nations and its efforts to collectively improve the conditions of the planet.

Turner’s first Initiative does not include the protection of pre-born babies. The third Initiative has ominous overtones similar to China’s one-child policy that has resulted in a lopsided population with many more males than females. And what if we don’t “voluntarily” follow Turner’s recommendations? Notice the tenth “Initiative” about the use of the United Nations to accomplish these “Initiatives.” Doesn’t sound voluntary to me.

hose who criticize Christians and their moral dogmatism have their own moral dogmatism to contend with. Of course, because their moral assertions are their moral assertions, they carry the weight of absolutism that can be enforced with rigorous sanctions. How dare anyone object or question them. Eastern Michigan University has given us a sample of modern-day moral dogmatism. On March 12, 2010 Julia Ward was dismissed from the counseling graduate program after she referred a homosexual client to another counselor because she believes homosexuality is “immoral sexual conduct, and cannot affirm or validate that behavior or otherwise use her counseling skills and abilities to facilitate homosexual behavior, without violating her sincere religious beliefs.”

Like the Decalogue, the folks at Eastern Michigan University have declared their commandment about sexuality to be fundamentally true (First Commandment), and any rejection of that commandment will be punished (Second Commandment). There is no escape from law and their sanctions. The question is, What is the origin of laws and what makes them laws? Humanists can’t say, but this doesn’t stop them from making them and forcing us to comply.

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