Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day Money Bomb

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By midnight, April 15, the bureaucrats in Washington will have collected trillions of dollars in taxes from you and your fellow citizAnd what will the liberals in power do with your money? They will spend your money at levels that will expand America’s debt . . . extend Washington’s reach into more areas of your life . . . and threaten the freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society that Americans have for so long enjoyed.

But this April 15, there is something you can do: you can help send a message that America will not stand for big government.

Join the Tax Day Money Bomb.

Your contribution to the Tax Day Money Bomb will help The Heritage Foundation raise $150,000 to fight the growth of government and high taxes.

Heritage is America’s most influential conservative think tank. Congressmen and Presidents cite our work. Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity—and even Ronald Reagan—have relied on our research.

As your conservative voice in Washington, The Heritage Foundation is fighting to:

•Replace Obamacare with real reforms that reduce costs and put individuals, not bureaucrats, in charge of health care decisions;

•Cut and simplify taxes to make them flatter and fairer;

•Rein in federal spending; and

•Return the federal government to the limits the Founders laid out in the Constitution.

The conservative response to the big government power-grab is building.

To help that conservative response grow faster—and to send a message to Washington—please help The Heritage Foundation raise $150,000 by midnight April 15.

It’s easy to contribute. Just use the form at the left. And feel good that this April 15, you didn’t just hand over more of your money to the Washington politicians . . . you actually joined others to send a firm message to Washington liberals. That message is best expressed in the immortal words of the American patriot John Paul Jones: “I have not yet begun to fight!”

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