Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Great Reneger Video


by The Fischers

Before you read this I must tell you that I am neither a Republican or Democrat. I think both parties have gotten so far away from what they were supposed to be. Both have spent our country into bankruptcy. I believe we need a complete turnaround as a country. The correct word would be "re-vo-lu-tion". I don't mean a violent overthrow. I am not for violence. I believe we need to get back to the Constitution. We need to get back to smaller government. We need to get back to our roots. What the Founders originally had in mind was a Constitutional Republic with limited government and most importantly, we need to get back to God!

I watched the process that Obama went through to get elected. For me it started 4 years earlier at the Democratic Convention when a virtually unknown Senator from Illinois made a very impassioned speech. I think everyone that saw it was shaking their head and saying, “Who is that guy? Man can he talk!” There is no getting around the fact that Obama is an orator. Give him a teleprompter and he’s off like a shot. But should things get screwed up with the prompter he's lost. And just because someone can read well doesn't make them Presidential material. I watched and listened very carefully as he made promise after promise in his campaign and then after his election I watched just as carefully as he broke them.

I was raised in a Christian family by God fearing folks. All my young life I was taught that lying was evil. I remember the most severe discipline I ever received from my parents was to do with telling the truth. Then later when I studied the Bible myself, I found that Jesus himself said that Satan was the “father of lies" and "liars.” (John 8)

When I was young my mother used a word that I never forgot. When I was given a job to do and promised my mother that I would complete it, but then failed to perform that promise, she would call me in and we'd have a talk. She would tell me that I had reneged on my promise. She would say, "don't renege on your promises, don't become a reneger, honor your word!" She impressed upon me that it was of the utmost importance that a man keep his word, that the most precious thing any man has is the honor that comes from being “A man of his word.”

This past year as I watched our president go back on his promises, I was reminded of my mother's words. This song was actually pretty easy to write. I feel that President Obama could almost be listed as the co-writer on this one. He provided so much of the content and actual words from his speeches, actions and the promises he made and then broke. The line where it says, “meetings behind closed doors,” was from Obama talking about the mistake Clinton made by gathering his top advisors and meeting behind closed doors to discuss Healthcare. Obama said he was not going to repeat that mistake and then he went right ahead and did the very same thing. The line, “Senators bribed no better than whores” comes from those closed meetings and the votes that were bought with virtual bribes. What has happened to our country? What sort of people do we have leading this nation? They are certainly not God fearing folks! God help us!

Then there was the line about Obama being a novice? The Bible says in 1 Timothy 3:6 “Not a novice, lest being lifted up in pride he fall into the condemnation of the Devil." Isn’t it interesting that the “lame stream media” as it is now becoming known, was so behind Obama, virtually “in the tank” as they say. Both Obama and the media made such a big thing out of Sarah Palin being inexperienced when she had successfully been the mayor of a small town, and then later the Governor of Alaska. Now that we have Obama as President we can see who the true novice really is, or one person put it, "he's never successfully run anything but his mouth."

Have you ever noticed how irritated Obama gets when people hold up his mistakes, expose something he doesn’t like, or interrupt him in order to get a word in edgewise as Bret Baer did the other night in the short Fox News interview? This was the idea for “his skin so thin…” At one point not too long ago he actually declared war on Fox News but it didn’t work out so well and it seemed to me that he thought better of it and dropped it. However, truth be known I believe he still hates Fox news but there isn't much he can do about it as the majority of the country is going there for factual news. When the chorus mentions "he’s neither black or white, He's many shades of grey, far left from what's right.” It describes the politics of the unknown and with Obama, you can’t really put your finger on him. He is indeed "many shades of gray." Bill Clinton has been called, “Slick Willie”, but I tell you right now that Clinton had nothing on Obama. I think the Clinton's are still wondering how in the world this upstart came out of nowhere and stole what they thought was going to automatically be theirs.

One more thing, some folks have responded to the word "reneger", saying they feel it is veiled racism. Having been a missionary for 30 years and serving many different races with other missionaries of many colors, I reject that notion. The problem we have with the English language is that there are really only two words to describe Obama. One is "liar" and the other is "reneger." In this song we are referring the many promises that Obama made and then broke, thus making him a reneger, and because he broke so many, we dubbed him "The Great Reneger."

So, after all this reneging on his promises this past year, is it proper to say that President Obama is "The Great Reneger"? I think so. "If the shoe fits......."

The Great Reneger
Michael Fischer ©2009

1. Hey have you heard he’s gone back on his word

On the internet there’s a big long list
Of promises broken so eloquently spoken
And you wonder why so many millions are pissed?! Cause


He's the Great Reneger a politician at heart
A politician practicing his art
He’s the Great Reneger, neither black or white
He’s many shades of grey far left from what’s right

2. He’ll tell you anything to get you on his side
Like “Change You Can Believe In”, “Trust me would I lie?”
“We’ll have transparency”, “CSPAN”, “Post all bills on the net”
“There’ll be no lobbyists, no pork”, Have we seen it? Not Yet! (chorus)

Bridge 1

They’ve had votes in the night behind closed doors
Senators bribed no better than whores
Pushing their program refusing to hear
When the voice of the people is perfectly clear (chorus)

3. His skin so thin and when scratched you can see
The horrible sight that lies just beneath
An unseasoned novice lifted up in pride
But there’s a fall come’n soon and there’ll be no place to hide! (Chorus)

Bridge 2

Teleprompter in place he can really talk that talk
Blowin’ smoke is cheap but he don’t walk the walk
What a politician hates is when you turn on the light
He’ll run like a roach for the darkness of night (Chorus)

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