Monday, March 15, 2010

Tell Your Congressmen to Stop Net Neutrality Proposals!

With a simple click of the mouse, you will be directed to a page where you can send your senators and representative an email concerning your opposition to Net Neutrality. The letter, which is editable, reads as follows:

Despite the economic downturn, the U.S. technology and telecommunications sectors continue to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace. Massive private investments in high-speed broadband networks and Internet-based innovations have literally changed the way we live our daily lives, for the better.

That is precisely why it's critical that the federal government refrain from imposing unnecessary and counterproductive Net Neutrality regulations on the Internet.

So-called Net Neutrality regulations would stifle incentives for further private investment in high-speed networks, which would slow innovation and force individual American consumers to pay higher prices for a less efficient Internet. Furthermore, Net Neutrality would trigger many negative unforeseen consequences.

The ability of Internet service providers to manage their networks effectively is vital to ensuring the efficient flow of data and information over the Internet. Yet, Net Neutrality would effectively outlaw flexible network management. Imagine what could happen with online banking transactions, video classrooms in education and the processing of Social Security and Medicare information, to use just a few examples, if network operators were prevented by government regulation from taking proactive measures to prioritize and protect such information.

Moreover, health care services, such as online medical records and in-home patient monitoring, show great promise for better patient care and reducing U.S. health care costs. Small hospitals and doctors� offices in rural areas are now consulting in real time with specialists who examine digital MRIs, x-rays and other medical scans. As those services become more prevalent, Internet service providers will need more flexibility to prioritize the flow of such information over their networks. Not less.

Simply put, the Federal Communications Commission should not regulate the Internet with its misguided Net Neutrality proposal, for the reasons outlined above and many more. The Internet has flourished precisely because it has not been strangled by the heavy hand of government. I urge you to oppose any and all efforts to impose so-called Net Neutrality regulations on the Internet.

You will then type in your name and address, and the letter will be emailed directly to your representatives.

Retaining our ability to use the internet as we are today is vital to our First Amendment rights. Send your message today!

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