Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hang 'Em High: Obama's Disgusting 'Give Them Somebody to Hate' Tactics

As a child, I watched a lot of westerns and cowboy movies. I saw the same scenario in countless films. The sheriff had a prisoner locked up in his jail waiting to stand trial when the judge arrived in the morning. Some loudmouth, convinced the prisoner was guilty, would stand on the steps of the jail house and rally the crowd. His words whipped them into a frenzy, “Let’s drag the no good piece of scum out here and hang him, now!” The angry mob would overrun the sheriff and his deputies, drag out the terrified prisoner who was proclaiming his innocence and pleading for his life and hang him. I was always amazed how people could so easily be manipulated and sheepishly follow one loud mouth.

In his gazillionth, and most recent health care speech, Obama used the same “give ‘em somebody to hate” tactic against the insurance industry. Outrageously displaying behavior unbecoming to the office of the presidency, Mr. Obama, with no holds barred, attempted to make the American people hate, and seek political vengeance against, the insurance industry.

After masterfully portraying them as cruel monsters who only care about profits, President Obama basically said, let’s drag those no good S.O.B insurance companies out and hang them by passing government run health care. And yes, Obama’s ultimate goal is to drive insurance companies out of business. In an earlier speech, Obama admitted it, while warning that it may take ten years or more to get it done:

However, unlike the mind-numbed idiots in the cowboy movies, the American people are wising up to president’s hatemonger tactic. Only those who are still infected with the Obama Night of the Living Dead virus which sends a signal to their brains, “I will support the first black president no matter what”, continue to sheepishly cheer his divisive rhetoric.

There is something of the street bully about Obama and his “give ‘em somebody to hate” tactic. It is not presidential. A scene from the movie, The Untouchables keeps coming to mind. At a board meeting, mobster Al Capone beats a board member to death with a baseball bat for betraying him. No, I am not suggesting in any way that Obama would resort to such violence. All I am saying is there is a Chicago thug vibe surrounding this presidency.

Unquestionably, our president is a bully who uses the bully pulpit of the White House literally. Almost from day one, Obama has stood on the jail house steps (the White House) and attempted to rally the American people into an angry mob against those on his hate list. Let’s drag those evil auto industry CEOs, Wall Street executives, bankers, tea party patriots and Fox News out and string them up!

Remember when Obama so fueled hatred against CEO’s that people were protesting at their homes. Executives feared for the safety of their families. When Obama put out the word to “push back harder” against those who opposed Obama care, black conservative Kenneth Gladney was beaten, sent to the emergency room, by SEIU (Service Employees International Union) thugs for simply selling flags at a town hall meeting.

Even national race relations are fair game and quickly sacrificed on the altar of Obama’s agenda and to make him look good. When 52% of Americans opposed Obama care, the opposition, many of whom who voted for Obama, was suddenly “racist” according to the Obama administration and its sycophant minions in the mainstream liberal media. Again, Obama uses his “give ‘em somebody to hate” tactic. On a Maryland black talk radio show, I heard a black politician say, “I don’t care what those white folks say, we’re gonna get us some health care”. Since when did health care become a racial issue? Thank you Obama, Mr. Great Unifier.

Displaying his uncontrollable instinct to bully, unbelievably Obama used the bully pulpit of his State of the Union Address to attack, embarrass and bully the Supreme Court.

Without precedent, and with his facts wrong, President Obama publicly chastised the court for a ruling with which he disagreed. This prompted Justice Samuel Alito, one of justices in attendance, to silently mouth the words, “That’s not true”, which was caught on camera. Two weeks ago, speaking to a group of law students in Alabama, Chief Justice John Roberts called Obama’s remarks “very troubling.”

Obama’s goal was to make the American people angry at the Supreme Court; always give them somebody to hate. Obama is sending a clear message, mess with me and I will turn the American people against you. Is this the behavior of an honorable leader concerned about the best interest of all Americans? Obama simply cannot help himself. He only knows one way to govern, the Chicago Way.

Knowing what we know about Mr Obama’s lack of character, ego and style, one can only imagine the level of bullying and in-your-face threats that went on behind the scenes to force congressmen and senators to go along with his transforming America health care monstrosity.

Even more outrageous and horrifying, President Obama is bullying us — We The People. Despite millions protesting in Washington DC and polls clearing stating we do not want Obama Care, this man totally ignoredthe Constitution and the will of the people and crammed it down our throats. Obama will pit whatever groups of Americans against each other necessary to further his racial, far-left hijacking of our freedom, liberty and culture agenda.

God help us.

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