Monday, March 22, 2010

Lost Medical Care for Seniors/Lost Jobs for Middle Class

To help pay for Obamacare, the legislation calls for $523 billion in cuts to Medicare. According to Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL) the major cuts to Medicare are:

Medicare Advantage is cut by $202 billion

Home Health is cut by $39 billion

Medicare Part B is cut by $25 billion

Hospital DSH payments are cut by $25 billion

Medicare Part D is cut by $10 billion

Medical Imaging is cut by $1 billion

Preventive Services is cut by $700 million

Durable medical Equipment is cut by $1 billion

Power-Driven Wheelchairs are cut by $800 million

Hospice is cut by $100 million

Medicare Improvement Fund is cut by $20 billion

Medigap is cut by $100 million

And it doesn't look too good for the American worker either. Americans for Tax Reform and the Heritage Foundation estiate that ObamaCare will cost over 600,000 per year, broke down by industry as follows:

Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting 5,441 jobs lost

Mining 5,478 jobs lost

Construction 43,316 jobs lost

Manufacturing 105,229 jobs lost

Wholesale trade 47,663 jobs lost

Retail trade 84,339 jobs lost

Transportation and warehousing 36,806 jobs lost

Utilities 5,271 jobs lost

Information 26,342 jobs lost

Financial Activities 77,269 jobs lost

Professional and business services 132,102 jobs lost

Educational services 32,102 jobs lost

Leisure and hospitality 49,682 jobs lost

Other services 48,564 jobs lost

Total 698,098 jobs lost

My comment:  Welcome to the United Socialist States of America.

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