Monday, August 30, 2010

Sign Liberty Counsel's "Vote of No Confidence" Statement concerning President Barack Obama's failed administration

"This is what change looks like."
Barack Obama, after signing health care "reform" into law

There is widespread and growing distrust among Americans of all backgrounds and political affiliations toward Barack Obama and his ideological basis for "change." Liberty Counsel's "Vote of No Confidence" Statement is a practical way for concerned Americans to express their increasing disillusionment with the failed leadership of the Obama presidency. This Statement is a powerful call to stop his agenda of progressive socialism and its destruction of the very foundations undergirding the United States of America.

By signing Liberty Counsel's "Vote of No Confidence" Statement, you will be joining hundreds of thousands of other concerned Americans in resisting President Obama, his administration, and the rubber-stamp 111th Congress, all of whom are pushing aside the clearly expressed will of the people and forcing our country down the road of government expansion and socialism.

Although our "Vote of No Confidence" does not have the power of an official recall or directly relate to beginning Impeachment proceedings under the law, it is a very clear statement of citizen outrage and can lay the groundwork for more binding citizen actions in the future.

When you sign our "Vote of No Confidence" Statement, we will share your views - along with many, many thousands of your fellow concerned Americans - with the administration, the media, other elected officials, and whoever else needs to understand its clear, resolute message.

The "Vote of No Confidence" Statement declares:

As a concerned citizen, I am freely and strongly expressing my "Vote of No Confidence" in: President Barack Obama and his executive administration; his blatant disregard of his oath of office; his issuing of unconstitutional mandates; his rampant, systematic expansion of government; his overt disregard for the clear will of the American people; and his subversion of our Constitution, which he is sworn to uphold.

By signing this statement, I am joining with Liberty Counsel and citizens across the nation who are acknowledging the failure of Barack Obama's presidency and calling for an immediate end to:
The advancement of "Big Brother" policies and the overt takeover of American industries, including misguided bailouts and stimulus packages that have done little or nothing to improve unemployment or our economy.

The bankrupting of America through uncontrolled government spending coupled with the creation of a crippling and insurmountable national debt.

The weakening of the United States through a foreign policy that emboldens America's enemies, kow-tows to other nations' leadership, and intentionally undermines America's image as an exceptional nation.
The liberalizing our courts of law through radical nominees and appointments while promoting international law (including Islamic Sharia law) at the expense of our own legal code.

The nurture of a political environment exhibiting corruption, kickbacks, and pervasive "buying" of congressional votes with special favors and earmarks.

The consistent catering to special interest groups that are advancing the homosexual agenda, funding abortion with our tax dollars, curtailing citizens' free expression of deeply held beliefs, and generally undermining the rights and privileges of American citizenship.

Mr. President,

Your imperial style of leadership, your pervasive socialist agenda, your unconstitutional public policies, and your subversion of our rights are grossly out of touch with the desires and best interests of the vast majority of Americans. I hereby declare my "Vote of No Confidence" in your leadership and call for "change that WE can believe in" !

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