Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CNN on Ground Zero Mosque: It's All Geller's Fault!

The Crescent News Network, CNN, is framing the narrative in a most disingenuous way. But I am being too kind. John Roberts filled in for Anderson Cooper tonight and did a puff piece on the mosque, while placing the blame for grief stricken and humiliated Americans at the door of moi. It is so condescending and contemptuous of decent American .... as if they don't think for themselves or know their own minds. On second thought, I just described the CNN viewer.

Echoing Salon, who got their talking point from Daisy Con herself, the left lemmings are off like a pack of wild dogs.

Sick. I am surprised they even had me on ........the opening to this segment is crazy. It takes mental contortionism to come up with such a twisted narrative for what is essentially an absence of common decency and compassion.

The lack of respect and understanding by the Imam, Daisy and the media is radically intolerant.

UPDATE: Unhinged. Check it out.

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