Saturday, May 15, 2010

Will Obama blame Bush for BP Oil Spill?

Neil Braithwaite
May 5, 2010

Incline your ears to the political winds of hope and change and you will hear a growing drumbeat of Obama's "blame Bush" doctrine for the recent gulf oil rig disaster.

In an effort to divert attention from his administration's late response to the oil rig disaster, it's almost guaranteed that President Obama will try and take political advantage of the crisis instead of actually dealing with it.

Mark my words. In coming days, the president and his surrogates will point out the misguided policies of the past that led to the oil rig environmental disaster. The message will ring loud and clear that Halliburton, Dick Cheney, big oil and the Bush administration were all in bed together to push their greedy profit driven agenda of deregulation and "drill baby drill," with a total disregard for worker safety, the environment and hard working Americans.

It's also a sure bet that President Obama will eventually make a national address to pat himself on the back and announce a new bipartisan commission on domestic energy exploration headed by some has-been politicians and liberal cronies looking for any chance to get back into the limelight and lend a hand at covering up the incompetence of the Obama administration to deal with, or actually provide viable solutions for any crisis.

In his address, President Obama will assure Americans that he plans to move forward a more environmentally and economically responsible domestic energy policy with an ultimate goal of future energy independence for America.

The president will reassure all Americans that he is sensitive to the demands of oil as an important energy component in America's economy. However, in an effort to deflect blame for the impending rise of gas prices at the pump due to the oil spill, President Obama will also make it clear that Americans will have to pay a price now for the reckless energy policies of the past - and possibly for generations to come.

President Obama will close by saying; Make no mistake, the world is looking to America to lead the way in clean, safe, efficient, environmentally responsible energy solutions. He will emphatically assert that any delay in implementing his domestic energy policies, including the cap and trade bill, will only exacerbate the situation, drive energy costs much higher and pose an even heaver burden on the American economy, its people and the environment.

In his conclusion, President Obama will use his favorite legislative ploy and urge Republicans to set aside partisanship and work with Democrats to pass the urgently needed cap and trade bill by years end, for the sake of the earth's environment and America's energy independence, deficit reduction, and future economic prosperity.

I believe that should just about cover it.

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